Angela Theresa Collins


Spontaneous Combustion #29 Angela (Sister on Bldg Ledge) Manhattan Theatre Source
Spontaneous Combustion #27 Angela (Gypsy & Diva#2) Manhattan Theatre Source
Spontaneous Combustion #25 Loretta Manhattan Theatre Source
Muller Nika Medicine Show
Relationalizing (Premiere) Gloria/Suzie York Little Theatre
Kind Lady Mrs. Edwards Granada Hills Theatre
Death and Taxes Miss Martindale Lake Wales Theatre
Good Clean Fun (NY Premier) Jessica Equity Showcase
Cafe Noir Maria LaRue (Voo Doo Priestess) Dinner Theatre

Special Skills

Singing (mezzo); American Sign Language (fluent); Accents: Southern/British/New York/Valley Girl; Laugh and Cry on Cue; Skilled Psychic/Medium; Make pop sound with mouth


Tania Travers -- Voice Lessons
Scene Study: "Weist-Barron, Los Angeles" - Lyle Hill
"H.B. Studios, New York" - Elizabeth Dillon
"American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York" - Nancy Sellin, Jackie Solotar
"Workshop/Coaching, New York": Allan Miller, Duane Jones
Cold Reading: "TVI Studios-Los Angeles" - Zora DeHorter, Liz Barnes
"Weist-Barron, Los Angeles" - Lyle Hill
Commercial Technique: "TVI Studios, Los Angeles" - Mick Dowd
"Weist-Barron, Los Angeles" - Lyle Hill, Andrea Hill
"Actors Studio-New York" - Susan Levine
Voiceover Technique: "Aliso Creek Productions-Los Angeles" - William Williams
Voice/Singer: "Herbert Berghof Studios, NY" - George Axiltree
"13th Street Repertory Theatre, New York" - Jill O'Hara


Informercial Client Dr. Feder's Skin Program


Patricia Stalling Story Mrs. Stallling Eastwood Talent Agency
Where Are You? Momma Avanza Production (AZ)
Jenny Jones Show Featured HBO Comedy


Rock-U-Mentary Lead Role Producer: Bernard Lucchesi
An Ephemeral Gambado Billy Jean NYU Student Film
Wasteland Maria AMIC/Airwaves Project
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